Precinct Leaders Are Community Organizers

Porter DavisWe in the Liberty Movement need to focus  on becoming community organizers in our own neighborhoods and precincts. Grassroots organizing is essential to help us survive this crisis and restore a free society.

Let’s transform our own states into Free States, establishing the principles of Liberty in our metro, county and state governments. Enforce the 10th Amendment. The parties are but a means to an end.

Yet, while Democrats were mobilizing the community organizers who have transformed presidential politics, Republicans were still playing the consultant-driven ad-buy game,” Michael Carnuccio at OCPA, “Saving the GOP.”


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  • randy

    You need a partner to start your neighborhood team– it helps you become accountable. You need a common desire and hope to visit neighbors with a non-partisan focus on their concerns. What are their needs and concerns Kids, schools, taxes, jobs..? seeing them as much more than a voter is key. What resources can you share to help… pray for direction and go ahead